What To Know About The Royal Óbidos Golf Course

You will hardly ever come across a course in true royalty as you will find with the Royal Óbidos golf course. It is the perfect combination of a golf course and a spa resort, which promises to deliver an amazing experience to the discerning player. This is not just a place where you come to play golf, it is also a place where you come to have fun, enjoy yourself, relax a bit as you have a really awesome time. In true legendary fashion, Seve Ballesteros never failed to impress with this course, as has been seen through the years in a lot of the courses that he has designed.

The Royal Óbidos revels as one of the finest golf course layouts this side of the Silver Coast, further living up to the hype that has always been associated with the amazing golfing culture herein. The resort lives up to the expectations of most professional golfers, and surpasses the expectations of so many others and holiday makers.

Do not allow the beauty of the design of Royal Óbidos to take over your mind, because the turf is as challenging as you can imagine. Of course, what more could you expect from the artistic works of someone with the pedigree of Ballesteros? Nothing short of finesse and a touch of class to be precise. From the design of this course, you can prepare to experience the wind sleeking its way all through the resort, further making your encounter an amazing one. Apart from that, you can also see different property and facilities on the inside, and as you get closer to the edge, or move close enough to the coast, the beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean is all in your face.

The view of the Atlantic is not the end of it either, for besides that you also see in the horizon the largest lagoon in Portugal, Lagoa de Obidos. Truly, there is nothing more splendid than such a view especially if you are on holiday. One of the most amazing features of Royal Óbidos that you get to appreciate is the ease with which they made it blend effortlessly with the environment and the natural surroundings from around. The use of the natural terrain to influence the structure of the course is also classy, something that only the best designers can manage to pull off.