The Top 7 Must-See Portuguese Vacation Spots For Golfers

Golfing in Portugal simply must include some sightseeing. Portugal is a country with a strong culture and an interesting history. Add the following seven destinations to your list when you arrive.

Dolphins in Vilamoura

One of the most enriching experiences in Portugal is catching a boat and trying your eyes at some dolphin spotting. The nice part about this is that these trips are available all year round. Bear in mind though that you will be more likely to actually see dolphins if you take your trip early in the morning.

Torre de Belem

If you visit Lisbon, then don’t pass up the opportunity to visit the Belem Tower (also known as The Tower of St. Vincent). It’s an historical fortress used in the days of King John II and will make your jaw drop because of its sheer size and majestic design.

Algarve beach

The main beach in Algarve is absolutely massive and you can easily spend the whole day there. Spend hours lying in the sun and catching a tan. Or, if you more of an active type, take part in one of the many activities available such as diving, snorkelling, sailing, and of course surfing.

The Feira Castle

The Castle of Santa Maria da Feira is another historical landmark that will give you a sense of Portugal’s rich history. The area often hosts medieval tours and even picnics around the castle, making it a perfect sight to visit with kids, or with your romantic partner.

Douro Valley

The Douro river spans for over 200 kilometres and travels between quaint Portuguese and Spanish villages. There are boat tours available in either direction, but bear in mind that they last for a few days. If you have the time, add this awesome experience to your list and enjoy a river cruise that’s hard to beat.

Palacio da Pena

The Pena national Palace will make you feel as if you’ve been transported to a fairytale realm where kings and queens graced their land. It is located in the Sintra Hills and is predominantly surrounded by thick forest and mountains. Tour the area and visit the palace if you want an experience of a lifetime.


Evora is an historical city that dates back over 2000 years. The architecture and art of the city will have you mesmerized for hours and guarantee cultural stimulation from beginning to end.