A Beginner's Guide to Portugal Golf Courses: 5 Best Options

Beginner golfers are often excited about taking their first golf holiday. A destination such as Portugal will provide plenty of golf adventure for golfers of any level. The good news is there are plenty of golf course options throughout the region to help you get comfortable. Portugal has several courses that are mentioned on the top 100 golf courses in the world. It may take some time to learn about different options available but it will be worth the effort. Here are 5 options to consider in starting off on your quest to find the best golf course for you in Portugal.

  1. Alamos Golf Course. 18 holes at 71 par the course has two large lakes with mountains in the background. There are plenty of greens surrounding the course including trees and plush fairway grounds.
  2. Montebelo Golf Course: 18 holes at par 72 the course is great comfortable area with natural terrain and beautiful landscapes. There are plenty of oak and pine trees surrounding the course.
  3. Campo Real Golf Course: 18 holes at par 72 this course is closely located by the beach. There are steep valley areas with plenty of woods and commonly recommended for more advanced players.
  4. Pines Cliff Golf Course: 9 holes at par 32, this course offers great adventure and has high ratings by critics with holes providing something for every golfer. The course has a beautiful setting that takes your breath away.
  5. The Estoril Golf Club: one of Portugal’s luxurious options near the coastline, the golf course features a beach resort with beautiful scenic views. With 18 holes and par 69, the course is conveniently located by a number of historical attractions.

Additional Details to Consider for Portugal Golf Courses

There are dozens of golf courses throughout the country and you can learn about them through their websites. You can study course map layouts and read reviews from previous travelers who visited the region. There are golf courses available for golfers off all play levels. Contact the golf course if you are not sure about play level. Review details regarding rules, regulations, etiquette and handicap before playing on the course. It helps to make your trip more exciting by traveling with a group. You may also want to consider golf lessons or a golf academy on your visit.