Iron Play In The Wind - 10 Tips From The Pros

There is a lot that goes on when playing against or in the wind. As a good player, it is important for you to try and make sure that you are in a good position to play the perfect shots irrespective of the nature or circumstances within which you are playing.

The following are some simple ideas that you should keep in mind when you are playing in or against the wind. If you can perfect this, you will have an easier game:

Nature of the wind

It is important for you to make sure that you study the wind and know more about it. Most of the professional players out there are able to tell you the type of wind you are playing against in a few seconds.

The direction of the wind

The direction of the wind is really important, with respect to the direction of your game play. You need to keep this in mind as it will affect the way you play.

Type of course

What is the type of grass laid on the course? Different surfaces respond differently to the wind, with respect to how far your ball will roll on the green.

Golf basics

Just because you are playing with the wind, doesn’t mean that you should forget the basics like addressing the ball, your stance and the setup.

Choose the clubs carefully

Choose your club properly. Depending on whether you are playing with the wind or into the wind. In this case, more loft and less loft than usual will apply respectively.

De-loft your club

Playing your ball back in the stance is important because it allows you to keep your ball low enough to minimize the effect of the wind on your shot.

Keep the scores at the back of your mind

Do not forget that the wind makes it easier for you to hit higher scores, so try not to get frustrated over this and you will be good to go.

Play the crosswind

Playing the crosswind helps in magnifying your spin on the ball, and in the process reduces the distance the ball has to travel.

Consider the turbulence

Turbulence is all about unpredictability, so you must be really prepared. You might only have tailwind when you are hitting the ball, but then it will land into a headwind.

The grip on the club

Grip the club down and hit the ball solid. Give this a lot of practice and you will find it easier with time.