How Do You Execute The Greenside Splash Shot?

Playing the game of golf requires you to use your brain quite a lot! Golf is probably the only game that requires a person to use his intelligence more than his physical strength. No matter where you are playing it. Be it the sandy vacation you have just gone to or a luxury club, you need to make sure you use your intelligence in the best possible manner in order to win the game. However, when it comes to playing the best possible shot, golfers who are aware of the right techniques of playing the game know that hitting the shot at the greener edge will help them in scoring the best score. Nonetheless a lot of golf players avoid the splash shots as they are a little difficult to execute. If you want to master the greenside splash shot but do not know how to do that, do not worry and read this article and you will get to know how to do that!

  1. Select a club:
  2. Choosing the right club is the most important thing for a person who looks forward to play the game of golf in the best possible manner. If you do not pay any attention on the club that you are going to buy, it might cause a lot of trouble for you later on. A super high lofted wedge is what you should opt for is you want to execute the greenside splash shot. Choosing a sand wedge will help you in making a longer flight trap.

  3. The set up:
  4. After you get done with buying the right kind of club, the next thing that you need to do is to dig in. Make sure that you choose either a left feet or the right one and then sink it into the sand. Sinking your feet deep in the sand will help you in making a better shot. The deeper your feet in the sand are the better splash shot will you make.

  5. Swing it up:
  6. After you dig your feet in the sand, the next thing you need to do is to put your weight on the foot that is forward and open the face of the club. Immediately, you need to make the shot. The more control that you have on your feet while making the shot, the better will be the splash shot hit by you.