Players' Picks The Most Favoured Executive Golf Courses In Algarve

Executive golf courses in Algarve will come at a slightly higher price than others, but they deliver on your golfing experience every time. Here are some of the very favourite golf courses according to golfers who have played them.

Vale do Lobo

Vale do Lobo is situated on the beachfront. The final few holes wind into the outskirts of the beach but high atop the Vale do Lobo cliffs. Yes, these cliffs form part of the course’s very intricate layout which you will have to navigate. Pop your shots over these huge gaps and hope they don’t bounce too much after they land. Needless to say, practice your pitching shot.


The Balaia golf course is a bit shorter, but arguably more challenging. It has one of the fussiest club managers in all of Algarve, which is why it has kept its reputation as a top class golf course. In terms of service and facilities, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better golf course in the region. Add to that the intricate design of the course itself (note that all nine holes are par-3), and you have an executive golf course worth visiting with your golf companions.

Monte Rei

All facets of the Monte Rey course have been designed by the very best in the business. Obstacles have been cleverly carved out of the natural surroundings leaving much of the scenery unchanged. It’s considered an executive golf course because professionals from around the world play here often; and feel at home with the staff who cater to them.

Colina Verde

Some of the holes on the Colina Verde golf course are rather easy. But the course makes up for this with some surprisingly difficult holes in between. The fifth has baffled the minds of even the most advanced golfers and continues to do so. Study this course well if you want to conquer it.


Another course that’s situated on the beach is Palmares. It’s a difficult course to master and will refine some of your skills to where they ought to be. It’s also a beautiful course and the club managers are quite diligent in keeping every aspect neat and tidy. Good aim will keep you out of the thick grassy areas which threaten to hold your ball hostage. Work on your putting too as many of the greens have undulating terrain.