List Of The Best 3-Star Golf Hotels In Portugal

Those who are going to Portugal for a golf expedition will in most cases have so much choices at their disposal. You need to enjoy this because you are spending a lot of time and your own money here, so it would really be awesome if you would have a good time in the process. When you come to think about the kind of fun that you will have here, enjoying the best of it will in most cases depend on the hotel that you are residing in. This is as a matter of fact one of the most important things that a lot of people hardly ever come to consider.

The hotel you choose is so important to you having as much fun in Portugal on your golf holiday as possible. The reason for this will in most cases come down to two things, the facilities that they have, and the rates that they are charging you. The rates are important so that you stay within your budget as you make plans for having an awesome time in Portugal. The following are some of the finest 3-star hotels that you can look into in an attempt to have the best time so far:


When you check into this hotel, you are looking at some of the best luxury you can get in a 3 star hotel so far. Only 15 minutes from the International Health Centers, the beach and the stadium. You also have access to a huge swimming pool, Wi-Fi, and lots of amenities.

Almar Hotel Apartments

This property features an apartment hotel, just a few minutes away from the Fisherman’s Beach, the Old Town Square in Albufeira and the Castle Wall Ruins. All their apartments are fully equipped with stuff you need such as microwaves and refrigerators.

Hotel Baia de Monte Gordo

When you check in, be sure to enjoy the restaurant, the bar and lounge, and in the event that you are here on a work holiday, you can also use the meeting room provided. You get a free buffet breakfast and free newspapers every other day.

Apartmentos Turisticos Janelas do Mar

This is also an apartment-hotel and they go further to provide you with access to an indoor pool, two outdoor pools and a health club.