Golf in Portugal: Main Characteristics of the Benamor Course

The Benamor golf course in Tavira is an excellent course for golfers who enjoy a challenge; but at the same time, it’s not a course that laid-back golfers wouldn’t enjoy either. Whether you’re visiting Portugal for a casual golfing holiday, or whether you plan to challenge your friends at the Benamor golf course, here are five characteristics to get you clued up on what you can expect.

Plenty of trees demand good aim

Those who had a hand in designing the Benamor golf course decided to leave much of the forestation as untouched as possible. For this reason there are many rows of trees where you wouldn’t want your ball to end up, so good aim is essential.

Challenging bunkers and water hazards

If you’re looking for an easy course, then Benamor may not be the one for you. While it is an extremely pleasant course to play, bunkers and water hazards do pose an above average challenge. It seems that the Benamor course is all about aim, so brush up on yours before paying it a visit.

Perfect for walking or cart riding

Curvy terrain and attractive scenery make for a course that’s pleasant to walk through while playing. There aren’t too many inclines so don’t worry about a strenuous walk if walking is something you enjoy doing casually. The trees and water features make for a very refreshing outdoor experience.

Wide fairways

Another feature to look out for is the fairways of the course which are quite large and open. Get your putting and chipping skills well polished because you may very well find your ball far from the hole—even if you’re already on the fairway.

Some difficult holes to look out for

While the first hole is an easy one that will ease the player into the course, there are two tricky ones to look out for.