Full Description Of The Balaia Golf Course In Albufeira

Are you planning for a great golf holiday in Portugal and struggling to pick out the best location for you and your family? Well, search no longer – because the Balaia golf village in Albufeira, Portugal is the best location for you. If you have never played in Portugal, I can tell you that it is one of the best places in the world to play the game of golf. The weather is almost always good and the courses are spectacular. Here are some things that you might be interested in the Balaia:

Brilliant course

The Balaia is referred to one of the best courses in Algarve and there is a reason for it. It is properly designed and almost flawless! It offers a rather testing challenge for most people, but you would think it’s fair. The club is also rather modern, so you would be walking in after 18 holes of golf and just relaxing with a pint of beer in your hand. How does that sound for a holiday?


Want something else to do? Well, Balaia offers everything you need for bowling. Okay, it’s not the everyday indoor lane bowling, but it’s rather the posh sport where the gentlemen just get together and have a fun time. Balaia has all the equipment there and you can trust the staffs to help you throughout! It’s surely one way to spend your afternoon in a lush outdoor condition.

Great practice area

Looking to improve your golf? Well you can certainly do that, because the Balaia manages a great driving range and short game area. So it doesn’t matter whether you are working on your long game or short game, there is something that you can do to get better! Not to mention they have a team of professional coaches who are more than happy to give you some tips and advices. That’s surely one good way to get better, isn’t it?

Amazing rooms

Your holiday would not be complete without a great hotel room to stay in. Again, you can get that at Balaia, where they offer service apartments and villas. It is surely going to make your holiday a whole lot better! It’s almost like you’re at home, but then you can just relax and enjoy life.

Choose your activities – play golf, bowling, and practise or just simply relax at the resort – the choice is yours and you can indulge in complete relaxation. Hope you have a good trip in Portugal!