Pitching Pre-Shot Routine Basics Every Golfer Should Know

Golfers usually get advanced in their levels as they play their game and get good at it. There comes a time when they have to compete in front of the crowd and they are under pressure and they fail just because of the pressure. Pre-shot basics are really helpful in such scenario as they make you confident about different shots because your practice makes them look easy to you. These basics also help you in getting familiar with different types of shots that are played in different conditions, giving you more command and a good result, indeed. Here is the method for the Pitching Pre-Shot Basics.

  1. Examine the Course
  2. Once you reach the course, you should examine the course and see where the hurdles are. You should also pay attention to the addressing position of the ball and choose your track from a distance.

  3. Close Evaluation
  4. Once you reach the ball, place your bag at the side and do not touch the clubs at all. After placing the bag, move backwards and keenly examine the ball position and the track you will be following. Also estimate the distance that the ball is supposed to travel. Choose the height and distance, once done, now you can choose the club accordingly.

  5. Grip the Club
  6. After selecting club, hold the club with full grip and choose your addressing position. Addressing position must be chosen with great calculation. Usually, the ball is positioned at the center of your stance. Once done, observe the target and the ball.

  7. Swing the Club
  8. After getting the firm position, pay attention to the path your club will be following. You should keenly observe the path and make your hand swing on the exact same path for about 5 times. Once you feel you have gotten full command on the path, you are almost ready for the shot.

  9. Finishing Touch
  10. This final step is the most important step of all as the whole previous effort will only count if you are successful in this step. Place the club behind the ball and swing backwards. Once you reach the top, hold yourself at this position for a while which will give you some time to think. After that, execute your shot in the direction of the target hole.

These steps can really help you in gaining enough confidence for a crowded place and you can also have a full command on different shots you might face there.