What It Takes To Hit A Great Bladed Sand Wedge Shot

Sand wedges scare even the most experienced golfers and many are especially wary of hitting the bladed sand wedge shot. But there are many ways even a beginner can ace this shot and get the ball towards the target line. These are the following things you can practice to help perfect this shot.

Get the right setup

Make sure that you play a level setup for a short sand shot and make sure you keep your feet balanced and dig into the sand.

Pick a club that suits you

Don’t just pick a club that you think can handle this kind of shot but pick one which you can control and have a firm grip over. If you are confused as to what club to pick, try the pitching wedge and make sure you try it out first.

The direction

Try to keep the ball towards your leading foot and play it forward so that it goes towards the middle of the golf course.

Get your grip right

Make sure that you don’t hold the club too tight or you may end up putting too much power into it and swinging it off target. Keep the grip firm but steady and always maintain control of the club as well as your balance.

Get the perfect alignment

Make sure you align your body towards the target line so that you do not end up skewing your shots. Always keep your eyes on the target and try to move the ball in the same target line.

Keep your wrist solid

Make sure that your wrist is solid and flat while taking this shot and hit these bladed sand wedge shots with a putting stroke to get it in the right direction.

Hit the middle of the ball

You should lift your pitching wedge on the backswing and then hit the middle of the ball on your downswing. These will help cut through the grass and that is why it is called the bladed wedge shot. This will send the ball rolling far and out of the sand wedge.

Keep practicing

The main thing in this shot is to keep trying it every day so that you can perfect it and you can try it with different kinds of clubs as well.

Thus, this tough shot can also be aced if you remember to follow the above rules and keep trying it on a daily basis. Make sure you practice on a proper sand bunker.