What to do if you struggle with your distance control in golf

Many professional golfers understand essential components of distance control. For many, this is how they distinguish themselves and their abilities from other professions. Of course they get in plenty of practice, but there are other elements they take note of to help them improve this skill. The right distance helps you understand accuracy in how to hit the ball. A secret many golfers use to help them correct their distance control is swing speed. Here, you will distinguish your tempo in how fast or slow you swing along with learning how to maintain it to help you control your distance.

Understand Your Swing Speed and How to Make It Work

Think about what professional golfers do and how they maintain consistency in their attempts. When you swing your club you should use the same amount of energy as you did before, even if you missed your shot. The significance here is to find your tempo and stick to it. You will notice pros as they play on the course they do not change between swing speeds. You should not have to try and swing quickly first and then go slow when you try again. Each golfer has their own style of swing and you should work to maintain yours to make it work for you.

When More Distance is Necessary You May Need a Longer Club

Professional golfers may change their club when they want more distance. When you think about it this makes sense. A longer club can help you accomplish the same motion and tempo. This will help you get more power in your shot. Few golfers like the idea of using shorter irons to make their shots on the green. It is a form or bragging since it is a challenging aspect to conquer. But, consider using a longer iron with your signature swing. You may also want to practice with a longer club if you have yet to establish a swing you are comfortable.

Watch How You Swing…Do You Swing Fully?

Some golfers struggle with their distance because they do not complete their swing motion fully. This helps you make contact with the ball with proper precision of the club head. You create more power but not with the use of your arms and shoulders. When you swing you should not have tension in these areas or your attempt to control distance will be inconsistent.