Top 5 Golf Tips To Help You Get Rid Of Skulled Shots

Skulled shots can really mess up your game. The reason for this is because skulled shots pretty much result in swinging up at the point of impact. Skulled shots are also referred to as thinned shots. When you make such a shot, the leading edge normally lands on the ball closer to the middle, and as a result the ball will scream away in a low trajectory without spinning, or if it spins, it does so in a minimalist manner.

The following tips will help you overcome this habit and make the perfect shot the next time you are playing. Remember that it all takes time, so you have to be patient to perfect the skill.

Setting up

The first thing you need to do is to change the way you hit the ball. You should try to stop swinging up the moment you make contact with the ball. In essence you must try to make sure that you hit down on the ball with a descending strike.

The swing

In order to try and hit down, make sure that you have the club up when you are getting ready for the backswing. Your wrists should be hinged up abruptly and pull through with the left hand as you strike. Remember that the weight has to be kept forward all through while making the swing.

Using the club head

Do not make the mistake of allowing the club head to remain or to get to the back of your body when you make a pitch shot. The most common error that amateurs normally make in this case is pulling the club to the inside faster than they should, and as a result this ends up making it harder to hit down on the ball.

Looking up

Indeed you have already hit the ball, and it is already in the air. However, this does not mean that it is time for you to look up just yet. The problem that a lot of golfers have is being too eager to look up to see where the ball is moving before they even get to hit it. This makes you nervous and forms the perfect recipe for a thinned shot.

Weight transfer

We can never say too much of this; allowing your weight to transfer incorrectly will definitely skull your shots, so learn or even take time to practice how to move your weight around appropriately and you will be good to go.