7 Tricks That Will Help You Command The Old Golf Course In Vilamoura

Since 1969 the Vilamoura golf course—now referred to as “The Old Golf Course in Vilamoura”—has presented a classic challenge to golfers of all levels. It has since been renovated in several ways while the layout has stayed predominantly the same. Here are 7 tips on how to master this golf course when you visit.

  1. Prepare for undulating terrain
  2. Almost the entire course is covered in slopes and waves. This adds a welcome challenge to some, and an unwelcome challenge to those who aren’t eager to tackle slopes. Either way, prepare yourself for this factor.

  3. Tall trees: Aim or lob shot?
  4. This course has been around since 1969, so you can be sure that there are some giant trees around. Many of these find their way in the way of your game, so make sure you know how to handle them. If you know how to perform a perfect lob shot, these trees will not hinder you so much. However aiming will keep you from having to fight the trees in the first place.

  5. Bunkers are not the main threat
  6. There are about as many bunkers on this course as there are on most courses. But don’t let these intimidate you. What you should be worried about are the tight fairways and many obstacles on the way. Bunkers are a secondary concern.

  7. Get a feel for the terrain first
  8. Vilamoura has a driving range and practice ground nearby the Old Golf Course. Make use of this before you play and get a feel for how the ground affects your ball and your shot. This will also do a lot to boost your confidence a bit before the game starts.

  9. Play for extra distance as insurance
  10. It’s recommended that you play for extra distance by choosing a stronger club for most shots. The course is not an easy one and may deceive you on what your true abilities are. For insurance, make up some distance wherever you can.

  11. Focus on control
  12. That being said, this course demands serious control. Don’t overshoot your targets as there are many water hazards and thick bushes willing to swallow up your ball.

  13. Pitching for the win
  14. Perhaps the best advice to give you for this course is to work on your pitching. This will ensure that you land the ball exactly where it needs to be without worrying about the dangerous—albeit beautiful—surroundings.