Top Three Chipping Tips for More Consistent Strikes

Consistency seems to be that one illusive element that every golfer is chasing after. During games especially, perfecting your chip shots will greatly improve your game and impress your fellow players. Here are three ways to improve your chipping without compromising on any of your secondary techniques.

Study these mistakes and check to see if you are making any of them. If you are, practice the solutions offered.

Tip #1: Firm wrists

One of the biggest mistakes made by golfers is that they flex their wrists on connecting the ball during the downswing. What this does is it changes the angle of the clubface, which in turn creates a skull shot. No matter how meticulously you aim your shot, if you’re changing the angle of the clubface during contact, your ball will never go where it’s meant to.

Try and get into the habit of keeping your wrists firm all the way through the shot. It may feel a bit strange at first, but you’ll soon get used to it as the correct way to make a chip shot.

Tip #2: Following through with the club

Just as important as the angle of the clubface is the follow through of the shot. An erroneous act that seems to be second nature to new golfers is that once the ball is hit, what happens to the club is inconsequential.

But in fact, a proper follow through of the club is what will make the ball travel the correct distance. In order to have the ball reach your desired target, make sure your club face ends up as far forward as it was pulled back. In other words, if you pulled your club back nine inches from the ball, then it should end up nine inches in front of where the ball was after the shot has been made.

Tip #3: Less distance for more control

By standing closer to the ball before a chipping shot, you will gain a lot more control. This is one of the main differences between a driving shot and a chipping shot, but also seems to be one that many golfers struggle to get into the habit of doing.

Enough space for a comfortable swing is all that is needed. Keep the space between your feet and the ball as small as possible and watch how your chip shots improve.