Golf Breaks In Algarve: How To Find A Good Option If You're Going With A Family

If you are keen to visit the Algarve in Portugal for a golf vacation, it may not be possible for you to do so without taking your family along. This should not deter you from going, as there are many family-friendly options available that will keep everyone happy. So if you have small children, teenagers, or even an aged relative; take a look at some of the ways you can enjoy your holiday as a family.

Great shopping facilities

In and around the entire region of Algarve there are shopping hubs and malls that cater for anyone who is into fashion. Teenagers are sure to be kept busy for hours at these locations and you can rest assured that they will never be too far away from where you are playing.

Choose your time

Portugal is well known for its festivals and annual events. A good idea is for you to become familiar with what these events are and when they are taking place so that you can plan your holiday around them. There are cultural festivals that take place and attract massive crowds from around the country. So if you want to entertain the whole family, make sure you know what is happening during your stay.

Places to stay

Many of the golf courses in Algarve form part of golf resorts, hotels, or casinos. But you don’t necessarily have to stay at one of these to enjoy your golf trip. Consider staying somewhere that offers self catering services. You and your family will spend lots of meal times together if you are forced to cook, barbeque, and eat out during your vacation.

Plan beach activities

The Algarve region is famous for its large beach areas and many of them come with a multitude of activities to keep everyone busy. Let your kids learn to surf; or go snorkelling with your partner. There are loads of activities to keep everyone busy—not the least of which is just soaking up the Algarve sun.

Pick a student

A good idea you may want to consider is to involve a member of your family in your golf. Perhaps you can make a date with your partner and teach him or her how to play a 9-hole course. Consider also bringing an extra set of clubs along and showing one of your children how the game is played.