Basic Golf Instruction On How To Avoid Toe Hits

When the balls flies sweetly off the club face and soars into the air straight down the fairway the sight and sound are both very satisfying. However a miscue off the tee will be the start of a difficult task to get a par. An occasional miscue will always happen to handicap golfers but if it becomes a regular occurrence it is a problem that will require immediate attention because you are regularly missing the sweet spot on the club.

Correct Open Shoulders

One of the faults that can result in a toe hit occurs when your shoulders become too open in the downswing. It does mean that you are actually rotating but you must still adjust things. There are adjustments that good golfers find for themselves such as putting the ball closer to the heel.

Two correcting steps

If your downswing is too steep the club head may cut across the ball. You have two choices.

A Practice Drill

The practice ground is important in every effort to improve your game and there are different drills that can help you eradicate obvious problems in your game. If you put two tees in the ground and set up in a position to hit a ball on the nearest tee but actually swing at the other you will eradicate the chances of being inside the ball and hitting the toe. You will be consciously extending your arms to reach the ball as opposed to allowing them to come in towards the body. Your swing will automatically flatten at the same time.


It is not just a toe shot that comes from the hands and arms being too tense. However it is certainly one of the causes because tension can lead to the arms being drawn towards the body on the downswing. There are different ways to release tension but one of the simplest is to hit plenty of shots on the practice ground rather than walking on to the first tee completely cold.

The dreaded shank is something that can happen all of a sudden during a round. It is often something that doesn’t go away during the remainder of the round. No one can possibly enjoy golf if they have no idea where the ball is likely to go. Head for the practice ground.