5 Effective Golf Tips on How to Hit a Short Putt

Short putts are the most important shots of all. They are easy but most of the times, the pressure spoils the shot. Even a Professional fails sometimes while playing a Short Putt. Once you reach the green and there is a small distance between the hole and the ball, the shot played usually is called a Short Putt. If you are not good at Short Putt, you may lose some points. You should have a good command on Short Putts as these are the finishing shots and they matter a lot when it comes to score. You should be confident while hitting a short putt as it can turn your game around in many cases. Mostly the amateurs are not good at such shorts and they really lose points when they are hitting this final shot. Here are a few tips that can help you in getting better when it comes to short putts.

Get Committed

Short putts are important and pros also fail at it sometimes, as mentioned earlier. Among the Pros, the famous name is Brad Faxon when it comes to Short Putts. It is the game of imagination. You have to make a line between the ball and the target hole. If your first instinct is good, you will be successful.

Keep Looking at the ball

Keep looking at the ball and do not look up as it can disorient you from your target and the shot you will play will be off the target. Just dedicate yourself to this shot when it knocks your door.

Square Face

Square faced club is more important than the imaginary line you produce in your mind before hitting a short putt. You must use a square faced club and the contact with the ball should be aligned and not at an angle as the angled contact will upset the direction of the ball and it will not end up in the target hole. This will be a bad result for you.

Accelerate the Club

You should accelerate the club after the impact too. Amateur Golfers usually decelerate the club just before the impact which can hurt their score. The follow through must have the same acceleration.

No Backswing

Do not backswing the club before hitting the ball. It has a risk that you may miss the line you have to follow during the swing. Avoid backswing and hit the ball with a little swing.