Advanced Golf Tips On How To Perfect Your Putting

Putting is an important golf skill that takes time to master. Professionals have all sorts of tips and tricks they use to help them keep their skills sharp. In this case, new and seasoned golfers may wonder what champion golfers do to keep their putting skills in check. The good news is there are basic tips that can help you understand what changes you can do to putt like a champion. Here are a few golf putting tips to consider.

Note How You Address the Ball

Pay attention to the way you address the ball. This is the moment before you actually hit the ball while getting into setup position with your club. Pay attention to body positioning. How are your arms and hands in place? Are your feet in line with your shoulders when they are spread apart? Think about the way you hold your putter and the type of grip you use. If you have too much pressure with your grip the ball may have too much power being generated behind it. Your swing motion should be solid and smooth like a pendulum.

Determine Best Ball Position

The best ball position is determined based on how close you should be to the ball. A good rule of thumb is to consider putter length and your toe. Some suggest you should be roughly 2 putter lengths from side of the ball to your toe. You can get an idea by reviewing some video footage that details this to get a visual idea. You can also hit practice putts while changing length of ball positioning. The end result will give an idea of whether you are too close or not close enough to the ball.

Let Your Stroke Do the Work and Try Not to Be So Serious about It

Have good aim with a smooth stroke that follows with confidence. Some players suggest you shouldn’t take too long thinking about the shot. The action behind the ball is what is important and if you set yourself up with confidence you may experience a positive result. Keep your swing stroke on a solid plane with a good tempo and speed. Keep your movement consistent. Practice a few swings behind the ball before you hit it. As you practice you will see improvement with your swing technique and your grip.