Is The Oitavos Dunes Course A Good Choice For A Golf Break?

Players who have played the Oitavos Dunes Course cannot say enough good things about it. They have complimented not only the accommodation around the area, but also the challenge of the course. The scenery is breathtaking and the sea view attracts top golfers from around the world. The course is cleverly designed to offer a fun challenge that has been relished by professionals from all over.

Holiday apartments right on the course

It’s easy to find decent accommodation close to the course so that play time is maximized. There are apartments within walking distance from the course and if you don’t aim right, you may even hit a window out because they are so close.

Challenge plus scenery equals excellence

The scenery at the Oitavos Dunes Course is one of a kind. It’s a mixture of auburn trees and desert terrain. There are countless shrubs that threaten to hide your golf ball if you’re not careful—as well as bunkers that will do the same. Watch out especially for the tricky slopes, which seem to incline one way, but often mislead players with their odd shapes.

Ocean view adds another challenge

While the ocean view from the course may attract you to play there, remember that this also contributes a wind challenge on most days. This however only adds to the eagerness of some to reach a par score on the course.

Fewer trees but lots of rough

There aren’t as many trees on the course as you may be used to on others. However, there is a fair amount of rough provided by the shrubbery, natural beach sand, and gravel-laden dunes. These provide a robust challenge that will have even the best of golfers strategizing more carefully.

Great specials on offer

Your game is sure to go up a level after playing this course a few times. Fortunately, there some great specials provided by the resort which include accommodation and a number of rounds per stay. We recommend staying there for at least three nights and utilizing the time to play at least two rounds on the course. This will also provide some extra time to enjoy some of the other activities available in the area. There are wine farms, restaurants, and beach events that promise to keep you occupied with more than enough during your stay.