5 Features Of The Monte Rei Golf Course In Algarve

As you may be aware, Portugal is probably the top location for all golf holidays. The courses are well designed and the prime location in Algarve means that it is perfect for playing the sport as well.

Located in Eastern Algarve, the Monte Rei Golf and Country Club is one of the best in the country. Here are some features that would convince you as well:

World-class courses

None other than ‘The Golden Bear’ Jack Nicklaus himself designed the golf courses. That means you can rest assure about the design of the course. It will be a balance of difficulty and playability. It is certainly playable by golfers of all levels and you will certainly enjoy the sceneries offered by the club.

Apart from that, there is a world-class management team maintaining the golf course so no matter when you decide to visit, you will be guaranteed a great course to plan on.

Impressive clubhouse

The clubhouse is normally dubbed the 19th hole where people can relax and have a chat with friends. The impressive clubhouse at Monte Rei offers just that along with beautiful courtyards. This is certainly perfect for all classy people! It delivers some sort of ‘Mediterranean’ feel to the player and you can fully indulge yourself in comfort when you are using the services here.

Great academy

As a keen golfer, you should be looking at different places to get advices. The academy at Monte Rei offers top-quality coaching lessons to players and will ensure that you improve. If you are ever visiting the club, it is worth going to the academy and seeking their advices.

The Best – Monte Rei North Course

This is the par 72 Championship course measured at 6567 metres (which equates to roughly 7200 yards). It is certainly difficult and long but the unique layout will certain impress golfers at all levels.

Not to mention that every hole is designed to be unique and they are protected by different elements (water or bunkers). The designers had really given thoughts to this!

3D Course Guide

Perhaps a less known feature of the course, but whenever you play it, you get a 3D course guide! That’s something special, isn’t it? Obviously you don’t get that everywhere around the world and you will only expect top clubs like Monte Rei to be able to deliver services of this quality.