5 Facts You Might Not Know About The San Lorenzo Golf Course

Golfing in the world’s finest golf courses is a dream which many are yet to realize and so even if it means planning a holiday getaway, anyone would want to book a date with San Lorenzo. You definitely will love the glamour associated with golfing here, let alone the lush green pine trees surroundings which make a day here worth taking down the memory lane.

Apart from its world class standing, what else can make one want to feel the breeze that golfing tournament in San Lorenzo would bring? Pretty much has been stated about this golf course but not all that is out there exemplifies everything that defines its uniqueness. Well, as explored in this post, there are some intriguing facts that many golfers do not know about San Lorenzo and especially those who have never set foot in its finest pitches.

Close proximity to Rio Formosa estuary

The fact that this golf course is located near Rio Formosa estuary is a reason enough to entice anyone to set foot on it and witness the joy that comes with playing on one of the world’s greenest course. Of course the thought of an estuary will evoke the feeling of cool breeze emanating from the Atlantic expanse and so it is the desire to experience how a holiday getaway in this part of the world would be like.

A home to 18 golf holes

If you have never played beyond the standard number of holes a golf course should have, then 18 is definitely an incredibly big number you will definitely be looking forward to. Eighteen holes that make up San Lorenzo golf course are all established on the Southeastern which borders Quinto Do Lago. The complete assembly of golf holes notwithstanding border the Rio Formosa estuary and a lagoon.

Great Bermuda grass for fairways

Well, if you are used to playing through the deep rough, you must be imagining the fulfillment that would come with golfing in finest fairways. In San Lorenzo, against a backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean, the Bermuda grass makes it a home to some of the world’s perfect golfing fairways.

Convenient club house

This is not phenomenal with most golfing clubs but you in San Lorenzo’s heart of play, there is a club house fine tuned with a state-of-the art professional golf kits shop. The changing rooms are not withstanding relaxing.

Voted twice as the beat golfing course in Portugal by USA golf digest

Apart from having been voted by Golf World UK as the second best golf course in continental Europe in the years of 1995 and 1997, San Lorenzo has also been voted as the best golf course in Portugal by USA Golf Digest in the year of 2003 and 2005.