Why You Should Play The Montebelo Golf Course

If you’re a golfer who loves to play a challenging course, then the Montebello golf course is perfect for you. Even if you’re an amateur and want to stretch your skills a bit, this course will do just that. Not only has it been carved around the mountains of Beiras, Portugal; but it has also been designed specifically to test your approach techniques. Here are four reasons you should play the Montebelo golf course.

  1. Challenging doglegs
  2. There are a total of eight doglegs throughout the course. These deceptive turns will demand some meticulous strategy and fine-tuned technique to navigate. You’ll want to work on your draws and your fade shots in order to properly turn the ball in the air and keep it on the fairway. Getting past these doglegs is a must—unless of course you want to end up in the water.

  3. Mountains and slopes
  4. As mentioned already, the course has been created in a very mountainous area. This makes for some interesting play—the type of play you’re not likely to enjoy anywhere else in Portugal. But now that you know what to expect, be sure to practice on some sloped areas at your local golf course before visiting. If you’re not accustomed to tweaking your shot power appropriately, you may struggle to reach par.

  5. The course’s lushness
  6. Golfers who love deep green and water-adorned golf courses will love the Montebelo course. There is a lot of rich scenery to enjoy and even though much of it comes in the form of water hazards, it doesn’t take away from the general beauty of the course. Be sure to enjoy this part when visiting.

  7. That famous 12th hole
  8. There’s one hole that will haunt your dreams after you’ve played it; the par-3 12th. It’s a downhill shot from the tee which will demand some careful distance control. As if that weren’t challenging enough, there’s a large lake behind the green. Hit too far and you will lose your ball. However, hitting too soft will probably force the ball to the right and into the rough.

The Montebelo golf course in Portugal is well worth the visit if you’re a golfer who isn’t afraid to try something a bit more challenging. So polish your skills and come enjoy this fabulous course with friends and family.